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What can be more mysterious then her in this world? Born as an invincible heroine, grown into a divine princess, she was always the object of admiration. Her name is beauty and her last name – freedom. There is no greater power than that of the love she feels for him. It is said that it would be impossible for him to reach his victorious heights if it weren’t for her gentleness. She was a Goddess, but He was her God. If there ever was a genuine, primordial, true love, it was called by their names. For him, her skin was the purest silk. For her, his heart was flying the skies with the wings of a hawlk until they met again and no one could separate them ever since. This is a story of a divine love. Of a woman who remained a pillar, the epitome of courage, patience and grace. Every woman is considered to be her heiress! Because every woman carries pride and holiness inside. Her name is Isis. And her love for Osiris remains more than a living memory, it remains a myth. Revive your inner Isis through the touch of the finest silk and the attitude fit for a Goddess. Budoar is more than a brand. Budoar is an attitude and a culture.

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